Revani - A Pokemon Tabletop United Campaign

Session 4.5
The Tourney of Stone


I. The Tourney starts: the Preliminaries
  • The Tourney begins, with all sixteen qualifiers lined up in a row of 16. Playing a fanfare in the distance, the qualifiers are given their numbers, and who they are to battle.

The first match, Shiloh vs Ben, is a war of attrition within the stadium of Grande City, with both sides using Fire Type Pokemon; Torchic v. Vulpix. It’s clear that neither can fight to their fullest due to the other absorbing their Fire moves. Therefore, Shiloh commands Cali to utilize his other moves. Seeing as there isn’t much way for Ben to defeat Shiloh, the guy forfeits before his Vulpix sustains too much damage. Shiloh wins.

The second match, the Faker Axton vs Axton herself, is a battle between Venipede v. Sandshrew. Axton attempts her best effort with Miles attempting to poison it, but the Sandshrew breaks no sweats, and gives no fucks, as it makes quick use of a Rollout to take Miles down. Faxton wins.

The third match, Gabe vs. Casa, is a very fast match between Solosis v. Shuppet, with Gabe clearly at a type disadvantage. The battle is over in a second, with Casa winning.

The fourth match, Jack Byers vs. Emile, pits Zangoose v. Ralts. In an attempt to get him to forfeit early due to not wanting to hurt Virgo. The former Kanto Champion is un-surprised that he must fight anyways. Despite this, he commands Zan to take down Virgo, but not without a marvelous display from Emile and Virgo. While the match is still over in seconds, it’s almost a double knockout, with Jack winning just barely.

The fifth match, Celeste vs. Sato features a Frogadier v. Chespin. While the swimsuit model is curious of Sato, they battle. Despite type disadvantage, Rospo makes nullifies that with a Camouflage, and causes the Chespin to work even harder for the victory; and with Paralysis, it seems like the little chipmunk is going to fail; but he pulls through with a clutch Synthesis. Sato wins.

The sixth match, Otto vs. Bev, pits Fletchling v. Oshawott. Nix provides himself a Tailwind, attempting to pick up airspeed to take this otter down; and with an Aerial Ace, it almost seems as though he may make it; until Bev commands her Oshawott, Julius, to use Night Slash. With that, Nix loses altitude, and hits the ground. Bev wins.

The seventh match, Mikhail vs. Ned with Snivy v. Bulbasaur, after the crowd witnessed the other type similarity match, is thought to be another slog; but with Misha, that changes. With a toothpick in his mouth, the grass snake utilizes some WWE-level grappling techniques, and through utilizing that, takes the Bulbasaur down enough for Ned to forfeit, to ensure that his grass Pokemon isn’t hurt too hard. Mikhail wins.

The eighth and final preliminary match pits Date vs. Oliver, with Scyther v. Pachirisu. While the crowd thinks the Scyther has this in the bag. While Date still pulls it out in the end, it ends up being as close a match as Jack and Emile’s, with Blade barely able to push to the end due to the squirrel’s massive electrical power. Still, Date barely wins.

II. The Quick Quarter-Finals
  • With the preliminaries finished, betting begins to be allowed since the crowd sees what can be done from these trainers. With 1/2 the group knocked out, can Sato, Mikhail, or Shiloh pull out a win?

The first quarter-finals match is Shiloh vs Faxton, with Torchic v. Sandshrew. Bets are made where they are, and Axton tells her friend to kick this faker’s ass in. With a rollout here or there, the Sandshrew makes Cali’s life hell, but not before conversing with Shiloh regarding his allegiances. He just wants a fair fight; and Shiloh and Cali oblige, promising to leave this fake after the fact. Though the battle is hard, the Sandshrew goes full ham, but Cali manages to pull it out of the bag; or… butt I should say. Afterwards, not only is the fake Axton imprisoned, but the real Axton is given a consolation prize. Shiloh wins.

The second quarter-finals match is Casa vs Jack, with Shuppet v. Zangoose. Much in the same fashion as Casa’s last match, his Shuppet lasts a round before the Zangoose makes a mighty Pursuit, OHKO-ing the enemy. Jack wins.

The third quarter-finals match is Bev vs Sato, featuring Oshawott v. Chespin. With only two moves from the Chespin, Sato makes quick work of the little otter, whose Night Slash only does so much with the cash hat defending the chipmunk. Sato takes the match.

The final quarter-finals match, Mikhail vs Date, featuring Snivy v. Scyther, seems to be a shoe-in for Date’s Scyther. And it sure would have been, if the match didn’t mirror the second match. With a well-placed Aqua Tail, Misha makes quick work of the weakened Scyther, winning the match for Mikhail.

III. The Intense Semi-Finals
  • With the quarter-finals out of the way, stadium changes are readied up in the stadium, with the remaining four now gaining prizes no matter win or lose. With Shiloh, Sato, and Mikhail still in this, who will reach the finals?

The first semi-finals match pits Shiloh vs Jack, with Torchic v. Zangoose. The field is set to mono-Grass with a hilly grasslands with flowers, and the stakes are high. Jack asks Shiloh to forfeit, to the expected response is declined and the match begins. Cali does his best as the cat ferret rushes over the hilly field with a Swords Dance to make it to the Torchic. With a Sand Attack from Cali, it seems that the cat ferret will fail; but as he leaps, Jack commands a Pursuit. Despite it cleanly going through, Cali doesn’t give up, and through the biggest ember fart yet, causes a wildfire on the field, scorching Zan fully. While the smoke clears, Zan rushes out, and makes the final Quick Attack. Despite the defeat, Cali evolves, still passed out mostly in Shiloh’s arms and gains arms, while she takes a strange rock and the third place prize money. Jack wins.

The second semi-finals match pits Sato vs Mikhail, with Chespin v. Snivy. The field shifts to mono-Water; featuring stepping stones on a lake of water. Quickly, Chespin rolls out ontop of the lake, rushing his way over to the other side, and smacking Misha. Misha quickly intends to grapple, and the same typing makes the crowd think that it’s going to end much like Mikhail’s first match; but Chespin eventually breaks out. With a few Vine Whip, Tackle, Rollout, and Aqua Tail shenannigans, the two are locked into combat where the first misstep is Chespin rolling into the Water. The grass hatted chipmunk utilizes his last Synthesis, which barely manages to get Misha down, as Snivy makes one more Aqua Tail, dealing the decisive blow. Sato’s Chespin floats up in the water, fainted. While Sato does lose, he also takes a strange rock and the third place prize money. Mikhail wins.

IV. Before the Final Battle
  • While Emile is out buying headphones for Virgo, and Shiloh is in the stands waiting for the finals, Emile and Shiloh’s eggs both hatch, releasing a cuddly Gligar and a relaxed Shinx respectively. Thanks to the hugs from Emile, loyalty is immediately heightened with the Gligar, as he latches onto the warm human; intending to be worn like a backpack if possible; while the Shinx is quickly held up and hugged by Shiloh, causing the cat to bite down an Ice Fang, albeit weakened, into the girl’s shoulder. It’s freezing, and after she lets her down, the Shinx immediately takes a spot on her lap.
V. Jack v. Mikhail, Zangoose v. Snivy: The Final Bout
  • The final match takes a few minutes to prepare, but eventually rolls a mono-Fire field. To that, Jack asks for him to forfeit and take the second place money now. The field is burning, and the Injured Zangoose immediately rushes with a Fire Punch, missing narrowly, as Misha leaps back, and Aqua Tails right after. The Zangoose looks like he’s taken a fair beating the whole tourney, and attempts another Fire Punch, striking true into the chest of Misha. Misha refuses to go down, but the heated moment is not helped by the arena. With one choice, Misha tackles forward, a tackle right into the head of the opponent. It seems Zan is still standing.

The Zangoose makes one more attempt at a Fire Punch, but the damage has been done. As his fist is conjured in flame, and thrusts it forward, it stops dead of Misha’s face, and it seems the cat ferret passed out standing up. With that, the crowd is silent, as the fire dissipates from the Zangoose’s fist, causing Misha to fall backwards. The fear Misha goes through helps him realize he needs to grow stronger, causing him to envelope in a white light, becoming a Servine in the process. Despite losing his hands, the snake wins Mikhail the tourney.

Mikhail doesn’t go up to claim the prize himself, but has one of the other’s do it; Chespin does so. Taking the first place prize money, and a random stone, a Shiny Stone, the Chespin leaves, while Jack gets an Electrizer for himself, as well as the second place prize money. He tells Mikhail of a tourney in two weeks at Laternis City, and says to not only be there himself, and tells him to bring his friends, especially Shiloh and Emile so he can see how far they’ll grow.

With that, the Chespin cheats Mikhail a finder’s fee, though only gives him $3.5k of his needed $1.5k. The chipmunk is apparently respected by Mikhail, and that makes the chipmunk feels… weirdly intrigued, seeing it not wrong to be a tad assertive.

With that, the Tourney of Stone ends, and with that, all that is left is enjoying the rest of the Festival…


Session 4
Gyms and Mysteries


I. Escaping the Paparazzi
  • As Emile returns to the Emerald Valley after some bonding with Freya, he runs into Date, who points out the giant paparazzi at the front of the contest hall, and tells him about how Shiloh, Mikhail, and Sato obliterated the competition. With the basically engorged front entrance, Otto and Axton leave the hall first, which has the camera crew follow Otto from a case of mistaken coach identity. In this moment, it gives the group time to flee from the Contest Hall, and thanks to a well put Stealth/Guile roll, the group headed to the Guardian’s Roost without alerting much suspicion.
II. The Treehouse Gym
  • Upon returning to Guardian’s Roost, a scientist waiting for the group gives the party an egg; containing inside it a Shinx to be hatched later. Neat. Shiloh takes the egg, growling to make it shake a bit.

Emile chooses Otto to accompany him in the Gym Battle against Robin. Emile chooses Freya, and Otto chooses Wilhelm. The skittish Zorua is unsure if she can do it, to which Emile states she doesn’t have to if she doesn’t want to. Freya decides to go with it, wanting to not disappoint a second master. Wilhelm, being goaded by Otto, allows himself to be played in return for sleep.

The two fight together against Robin’s Tranquill & Pidove (Fight & Flight) and the battle is fierce, with the two birds fighting their hardest to at least take down one of them; the easier target. Thanks to the combined effort of Otto and Emile though, they manage to faint both birds with understandable difficulty. Robin understandably gives Emile the TM for Aerial Ace, and money for the victory, along with the Wing Badge to showcase his, and his teammates skill. She takes her Pokemon to the Pokemon Center, and tells them where the next Contest and Gym are; Akademi Campus and Rockgrove Town respectively.

With last minute adjustments made, the group heads to Grande City.

III. A Fated Detour
  • As the group, save Sato, makes their way to Grande City, they meet a friendly Abra, who is rather mischievous, but is always friendly enough to say hello. He tells the group about his previous owner, Briar, and how he just kind of ‘poofed’ away. After being asked to come along, the Abra says to catch him first, as he’s a bit of a teleport-y twat. After a few attempts, Otto adds the little guy to his party. The Abra tells the party he also messed with a guy with a food cart, by putting in a certain Pokemon in the cart. That can’t be good.

Group also sees a pack of Poochyena, but leave the party alone due to being outnumbered fiercely.

The group are told that the roads to both Laternis City and Akademi Campus are temporarily closed; the former due to possible rock slide cave ins, and the latter due to the terrorist attack on Grande City’s airport days ago. The group are told to head to Pueblos de Los Muertos to obtain a graveyard lot, as is customary in the Revani Region.

To the GM’s frustration, they don’t get lots when they go, but we’ll get to that.

As the group makes their way to the City of the Dead, they notice the graves starting to propagate in number, becoming more frequent and more frequent, they eventually make it to the single building in the so-proclaimed city; a Church. However, there’s no time to even question or head inside, because a man is laying on the ground in the graveyard, bleeding from the nose and muttering words that are indistinct.

The group gets this guy up, as he speaks in only near fluent Spanish at first, though he has no idea where he is right now; nor his own name. All he has on him is his prosthetic arm, and a book. As everyone sees the book, the big things to note that inside is something that peak’s Emile’s curiosity, and Mikhail’s, who understands to some degree the advanced theorems inside the book. The man says the book isn’t his.

Eventually, he remembers his name and introduces himself as Gabriel Hernandez, a hottie with a body as proclaimed by Shiloh. Figuring it better to take this guy to a Pokemon Center, the group doubles back to Grande City, as Ghost Pokemon seem to litter the graveyard as the sun continues to set.

Reaching the Grande City Pokemon Center, the group leaves Gabe there over night, though with so many people setting up work here or there, the group is curious what is happening. A big Festival is happening! WOO! Prizes, cool stands, new Pokemon? And a big tourney tomorrow!

No less interesting, eh? The group heads to sleep in a hotel, though all Mikhail hears through the wall is the mentions of a rat from a familiar voice.

III.5 A Fated Rat
  • Sato, having some errands to run, immediately heads to Grande City for his own reasons earlier, and after some purchases, hits the same hotel the other’s do coincidentally. And he finds a Rattata in his food cart. Chespin, seeing all the food go to waste, tells Sato that they can use him to pay back everything he owes them for ruining all the food in the cart. The Rattata, being Alolan didn’t have much to respond with but a guilty grin, Chespin says if Sato doesn’t, he will.

Sato boops his snoot with a Moon Ball, and gains a Rattata! That can’t go well…

IV. The Festival Begins!
  • The Festival starts in the morning, after yet another training session from Mikhail, with the party heading out immediately to enjoy the festivities. Besides the Smeargle Taco Stand, there are numerous games. Namely, the big one is a hammer trial which requires a Pokemon to test their strength. Emile’s Ralts, Virgo gives it a telekinetic go, but due to the man’s babbling, misses just shy of his mark. Mikhail’s Snivy, Misha gives it a go, and manages to win his trainer a Dratini. With a new prize, the Ralts obliterates the hammer game, and gains his trainer a free egg of his own, containing a Gligar inside.

After some playing around, the group meets the friendliest Smeargle in his Taco Stand, who communicates by signs. Telling them about the tourney, the group is immediately interested in what he says by usage of not only free tacos, but being an all around fun guy.

The party goes to sign up for the Tourney of Stones, along with a few named other important peeps; namely previous Kanto Champion Jack Byers, Ben Wyatt, Date, and his sister Beverly Moreau, and swimsuit model Celeste Velona, as well as Gabe, who mysteriously doesn’t remember the group from the day previous. Though in this moment, Otto’s nose begins to bleed ominously.

With the Tourney approaching… who will come out on top?


Session 3
The First Contest


I. The Day After
  • After the night in the ER, Shiloh is visited by members of the group, after Sato makes food for everyone. As the group enjoys their food, a man comes up to them, and introduces himself as Desmond Steward, and asks if he may have some of the food. Sato obliges, and after a meal, he leaves, thanking Sato kindly. Sato also makes a treat for the Growltihe for when he wakes up, while Mikhail describes his failure to his pupil, and the two share a bonding moment before getting spoken to Emile about the Contest in the Emerald Valley and the Gym Challenge in Guardian’s Roost, saying he has her back if she has his.
II. Big City Trip
  • After that, the party, save Mikhail, head to Grande City to procure a few items. Shiloh and Emile head to get their luggage they still hadn’t gotten from the Growlithe’s caves, and has the ashes put into an adjustable bangle for the fire pup, while Sato heads to the Grande City Pokeball shop, where Chespin, still a tad messed up from the day before from Sato’s Aura abilities, manages to steal a Moon Ball. The two share a moment, where the Chespin attempts to shake off the previous day.

Axton goes to her talent agency to speak with her agent, though is not at all surprised to find James, one of her co-stars, absolutely destroying her agent for attempting to kill off the best character in Sandshrew Slaughterhouse, a call made the day before that ended in the agent shutting the door before Axton had a chance to speak with him.

Meanwhile, Otto and Sato have a conversation regarding Otto’s previous career, with a web of lies behind Otto’s words. Though, through the usage of telling not complete lies, only one or two instances left Otto sweating through the majority, ending up saying he used to work at a game corner in Johto named Larson’s Game Corner. Sato buys it, but Chespin sees through it, and begins to show a general distrust in his master’s acquaintance.

As the party moves back home in the rain, they find the Growlithe back up on his feet, albeit weak. Shiloh explains how she made his parent’s ashes into a bangle, so they can be with him. To this, the Growlithe is mostly fine with it, and takes the bangle, while he decides to join Shiloh, if caught.

As the night comes, Mikhail heads out to grab a Poffin Maker in Grande City’s Poffin Hall, running into Desmond again, who wrongly tells him the Contest style is Cute due to himself being misinformed by someone else. Odd.

The party sleep again at the Guardian’s Roost inn they did before, this time with Shiloh joining them, as the next day comes…

III. Emerald Valley Contest
  • As they wake up, Mikhail once again trains the group’s mons, save for Emile’s Zorua, Freya, who is afraid of Mikhail due to the similarities to the captain who raised him from Team Rocket. As the training is finished, Emile heads off to bond with Freya a bit more, while the rest of the group makes their way to the Emerald Valley, for Shiloh to compete in the contest.

Entering are Ywain, Hariot, and Desmond with their coaches and third representatives, while Shiloh and Mikhail bring Sato as their third. Before the Introduction Section, Sato and Mikhail do their best to make Shiloh’s Torchic, Cali, look as beautiful as possible since the contest is actually a Beauty Contest, not a cute one. While Shiloh comes second behind Hariot, the contest begins, and Cali, in wondrous splendor, blows the others out of the water, especially with his fire fart, which brought tears to the judges eyes.

Well, sorta.

As Shiloh is gifted a Ribbon, Sato comes out with her while Mikhail stays behind in order to receive it, and Desmond gives Shiloh the TM for Volt Switch as she’s awarded the prize money, showing his good sportsmanship, and that he will make sure to give a proper challenge next time.

It was a good day.


Session 2
Rumor Hunting


I. Split the Party
  • Still in Guardian’s Roost, Mikhail informs the party about the rumors in town. The one regarding the Growlithe immediately catches Shiloh’s ear, whilst Emile decides to dig further. Another rumor shows up, about multiple occurrences of the Pokemon from the previous rumors, such as the one about Sandshrew where not even a minute after the little guy waved hello, he appeared again to wave hello.

Splitting up, Axton , Otto, and Emile head towards the duplicate Sandshrew rumor, whilst Satoshi Imai, Mikhail, and Shiloh head to the Growlithe.


II. Bark and Bite
  • The trio after the Growlithe make their way to the cave, where they see ashes surrounding a Growlithe, who immediately growls their direction. Shiloh decides to negotiate with the Growlithe, where the trio find out that he has been waiting for his brother to come back since his parents were gone. Their ashes are guarded by the dog, and making sure to keep her away at a distance, he shoots an ember to keep her there.

The group finds out that Team Rocket was here; and that his brother had been taken by the malicious team; though they keep it quiet from the Growlithe. Just as they convince him, a group of Rock Type Pokemon begin to attack the group. While they do manage to take down the rock group without much problems, a few key things happen.

Namely, Sato’s Chespin nearly kills one, and Sato has to echo in the grass Pokemon’s mind through the boy’s aura abilities to make him stop, which visibly shakes the hat-wearing chipmunk. Shiloh is hit in the back by a Rollout from a Geodude, and the Growlithe is sent into near critical condition, almost killing him. The rest fall like fodder to the group’s type advantages, and with grabbing up all the ashes they could, and the Growlithe, they dash back to Guardian’s Roost’s Pokemon Center for immediate medical attention.


III. The Illusionist & the Rolling Stones
  • Emile’s group ends up heading the opposite direction, where they head deeper inside. While Otto converses with his Pokemon, Wilhelm asleep on his back, they head deeper in to find a Sandshrew; the same one from the rumor setting up some rocks in a strange triangular formation, 10 in total. As they watch in wonder at his creation, they watch him essentially act as an expertly thrown bowling ball, making a strike.

After this, Axton speaks with the Sandshrew in order to persuade it to come with her, speaking of needing a sidekick. The hasty little ball of energy speeds around, and agrees to go along with Axton, as Emile asks about ‘another Sandshrew’. In return, the Sandshrew leads them to the ‘other Sandshrew’.

In a very tiny hole in the cave, the group meets a hairy Sandshrew that is actually a Zorua, who tells the group that shows her fear rather easily. The Zorua tells the party of her old master, a Rocket Captain by the name of Andrei. She was taken as an egg from the facility, and there are scars on her to prove it. Thanks to some expert convincing from Virgo, and Emile, the Zorua agrees to come with, though not appearing as herself if possible. With a Pokeball throw, the Zorua is captured by Emile.

Just as there seems to be good news, the party runs into a Crystal Onix, and due to a hilarious set of events regarding Wilhelm screaming at the top of his lungs as he’s being swung around like a sword, the Crystal Onix is immediately shown why rocks are inferior to steel.

The group, victorious, heads back to Guardian’s Roost.


IV. The First Night
  • Thanks to the quick thinking of Mikhail and Shiloh both, they manage to get the Growlithe to the center in time as the group reconvenes with Emile’s group. As he is taken to the center, Shiloh remains near the ER on a couch all night, while the others all head to the inn for rooms to sleep in. The night is long… but somewhere in the morning, the nurse brings out the Growlithe, telling Shiloh she can wait with him in recovery if she so choose. She does, and while he isn’t able to lick, the Growlithe does showcase a groggy awakened state, despite all the scars on him.



Session 1


I. Team Skull’s Terrorist Strike on Grande City’s Airport!
  • Shiloh, Emile, & Axton got off of their flight at Grande City‘s Airport. Axton was called by her agent, to be told that in Season 2 of the popular series of Sandshrew Slaughterhouse, that her character would be killed off. Emile, got a call concerning work, from an associate in the business he works at. Unfortunately, as they arrive, a terrorist ploy is already underway, with Team Skull members with AK’s and other weapons having gotten past security. With 8 other hostages, the three are taken to a van to the highway, which leads them to Akademi Campus, and soon after Rockgrove Town.

Through working together, the party manages to escape the van; Emile finding a Ralts in a sack of assumingly stolen Pokemon, that Ice Punch’d the backdoor of the van down flawlessly. While Shiloh made the drivers lives an actual living hell through a tiny window to the drivers seat utilizing more of the bag’s contents, Axton managed to pull out a Snorlax, and thanks to quick thinking, the group used the big tubby Pokemon as a cushion, and while they only saved one other hostage, thanks to Shiloh’s efforts, the van crashes; almost assuredly killing those inside.

Almost. As the three bid farewell to the fourth person, a young trainer, they make their way through the tunnel from Rockgrove that pops out near the Emerald Valley, where…


II. The Scouting Coach
  • Elsewhere at an Emerald Valley cafe, Mikhail and his Snivy, Misha, watch the news on not only a confirmed second season for Sandshrew Slaughterhouse as an apparent terrorist attack by Team Skull has been made, with eleven hostages in total. Misha suggests to Mikhail that they should perhaps wait at the Pokemon Research Lab, since they need to find a Coordinator to take under Mikhail’s wing. The man agrees, but upon going outside, notices a group of Team Skull members heading north, towards Guardian’s Roost. Following the group, Mikhail finds…


III. The Friendly Food Cart!
  • Elsewhere still at Guardian’s Roost,, around the time of the terrorist attack in Grande City, Otto meets Satoshi Imai and his mischievous Chespin, who is having trouble moving his food cart. In exchange for free food, the man helps him move his cart around. As they make their way slowly to the Emerald Valley, they are stopped by Team Skull who demands free food. Despite Shiloh, Emile, & Axton all making it out of the cave from Rockgrove, and Mikhail from the Emerald Valley hiding behind a bush, the four watch on in probable delight, as more of the gang that kidnapped the first three are given the shaft by the impish Chespin, who does NOT like giving free food. Despite this, Mikhail notices Otto, having past history with him, though remains hidden.

With Chespin knocking out two Grunts with a ball-smacking Vine Whip, and a well-placed boob Tackle, and Otto pushing the food cart over another poor Skull member’s foot in gross fashion, the Team Skull members immediately surrender, with a peace offering of dumplings to the remaining conscious Team Skull members.

Moving on.


IV. Meeting the Professor’s Assistant
  • The group makes their way back to the Emerald Valley, Emile, Shiloh, Axton, and Mikhail make their way to the Pokemon Lab while Otto and Sato deal with selling more food to bystanders. It is here where they are not met with the normal professor, but instead her assistant, Date Moreau, who explains the League scene and Contest scene in Revani. Both require others to participate, though one strictly requires the assistance of a coach in the Contest. Mikhail reveals himself as a coach to Shiloh, and while the two get a room, Date and Emile speak a bit more about League bits. A Rotomdex is given to Shiloh, while Emile gets a normal Pokedex, updating any previous they may have (as customary for everyone to have one).

Shiloh, a tad annoyed at the Contest Scene requiring a Coach, questions Mikhail’s worth since he is so sketch. With the context now known that he has brought a pupil to victory, Shiloh is impressed. As Shiloh shows Cali off to Mikhail, he signs her papers.

Emile finds out that Date has the first three badges, as he is League-certified himself, and after a very sweat-induced farewell from the assistant, the party regroups with Sato and Otto. Together, they ride for the Emerald Valley, meeting a friendly rolling Sandshrew along the way.


V. Back and Forth, To and Fro
  • The party arrives/returns to the tree town, where all Fire Types are told to be put in a Pokeball, to assure no Smokey the Bewear forest fires, where the party finds a Fletchling attorney much concerned about the nature of a group of bird Pokemon known as the Goodfeathers, along with a salesman for golden fish type Pokemon.

Through the help of Sato and his Chespin, Mikhail is able to not only take a Feebas from the man who painted it gold, but hands Chespin a screwdriver to go show the salesman fish ball cart some swift thunder-fucking.

On the opposite side, the Goodfeathers boys are swatted away thanks to Otto’s Honedge, with Emile stepping in to help once their leader, known as Pidgiovanni Goodfeather. The duo makes short work of the funnily haired bird, and quickly shows it the reason Flying Type Pokemon go south during the winter thanks to a good, handy Ice Punch. The Fletchling decides to ask Otto to join him, so he can study Bird Law. The man accepts happily.

Mikhail and Sato both find some rumors out; namely, a Growlithe who burns all who come near, a Sandshrew who is oh so friendly (the one mentioned before, and a crystal Onix. Relaying this information, the group plans out their next move…




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