Revani - A Pokemon Tabletop United Campaign


I. Team Skull’s Terrorist Strike on Grande City’s Airport!
  • Shiloh, Emile, & Axton got off of their flight at Grande City‘s Airport. Axton was called by her agent, to be told that in Season 2 of the popular series of Sandshrew Slaughterhouse, that her character would be killed off. Emile, got a call concerning work, from an associate in the business he works at. Unfortunately, as they arrive, a terrorist ploy is already underway, with Team Skull members with AK’s and other weapons having gotten past security. With 8 other hostages, the three are taken to a van to the highway, which leads them to Akademi Campus, and soon after Rockgrove Town.

Through working together, the party manages to escape the van; Emile finding a Ralts in a sack of assumingly stolen Pokemon, that Ice Punch’d the backdoor of the van down flawlessly. While Shiloh made the drivers lives an actual living hell through a tiny window to the drivers seat utilizing more of the bag’s contents, Axton managed to pull out a Snorlax, and thanks to quick thinking, the group used the big tubby Pokemon as a cushion, and while they only saved one other hostage, thanks to Shiloh’s efforts, the van crashes; almost assuredly killing those inside.

Almost. As the three bid farewell to the fourth person, a young trainer, they make their way through the tunnel from Rockgrove that pops out near the Emerald Valley, where…


II. The Scouting Coach
  • Elsewhere at an Emerald Valley cafe, Mikhail and his Snivy, Misha, watch the news on not only a confirmed second season for Sandshrew Slaughterhouse as an apparent terrorist attack by Team Skull has been made, with eleven hostages in total. Misha suggests to Mikhail that they should perhaps wait at the Pokemon Research Lab, since they need to find a Coordinator to take under Mikhail’s wing. The man agrees, but upon going outside, notices a group of Team Skull members heading north, towards Guardian’s Roost. Following the group, Mikhail finds…


III. The Friendly Food Cart!
  • Elsewhere still at Guardian’s Roost,, around the time of the terrorist attack in Grande City, Otto meets Satoshi Imai and his mischievous Chespin, who is having trouble moving his food cart. In exchange for free food, the man helps him move his cart around. As they make their way slowly to the Emerald Valley, they are stopped by Team Skull who demands free food. Despite Shiloh, Emile, & Axton all making it out of the cave from Rockgrove, and Mikhail from the Emerald Valley hiding behind a bush, the four watch on in probable delight, as more of the gang that kidnapped the first three are given the shaft by the impish Chespin, who does NOT like giving free food. Despite this, Mikhail notices Otto, having past history with him, though remains hidden.

With Chespin knocking out two Grunts with a ball-smacking Vine Whip, and a well-placed boob Tackle, and Otto pushing the food cart over another poor Skull member’s foot in gross fashion, the Team Skull members immediately surrender, with a peace offering of dumplings to the remaining conscious Team Skull members.

Moving on.


IV. Meeting the Professor’s Assistant
  • The group makes their way back to the Emerald Valley, Emile, Shiloh, Axton, and Mikhail make their way to the Pokemon Lab while Otto and Sato deal with selling more food to bystanders. It is here where they are not met with the normal professor, but instead her assistant, Date Moreau, who explains the League scene and Contest scene in Revani. Both require others to participate, though one strictly requires the assistance of a coach in the Contest. Mikhail reveals himself as a coach to Shiloh, and while the two get a room, Date and Emile speak a bit more about League bits. A Rotomdex is given to Shiloh, while Emile gets a normal Pokedex, updating any previous they may have (as customary for everyone to have one).

Shiloh, a tad annoyed at the Contest Scene requiring a Coach, questions Mikhail’s worth since he is so sketch. With the context now known that he has brought a pupil to victory, Shiloh is impressed. As Shiloh shows Cali off to Mikhail, he signs her papers.

Emile finds out that Date has the first three badges, as he is League-certified himself, and after a very sweat-induced farewell from the assistant, the party regroups with Sato and Otto. Together, they ride for the Emerald Valley, meeting a friendly rolling Sandshrew along the way.


V. Back and Forth, To and Fro
  • The party arrives/returns to the tree town, where all Fire Types are told to be put in a Pokeball, to assure no Smokey the Bewear forest fires, where the party finds a Fletchling attorney much concerned about the nature of a group of bird Pokemon known as the Goodfeathers, along with a salesman for golden fish type Pokemon.

Through the help of Sato and his Chespin, Mikhail is able to not only take a Feebas from the man who painted it gold, but hands Chespin a screwdriver to go show the salesman fish ball cart some swift thunder-fucking.

On the opposite side, the Goodfeathers boys are swatted away thanks to Otto’s Honedge, with Emile stepping in to help once their leader, known as Pidgiovanni Goodfeather. The duo makes short work of the funnily haired bird, and quickly shows it the reason Flying Type Pokemon go south during the winter thanks to a good, handy Ice Punch. The Fletchling decides to ask Otto to join him, so he can study Bird Law. The man accepts happily.

Mikhail and Sato both find some rumors out; namely, a Growlithe who burns all who come near, a Sandshrew who is oh so friendly (the one mentioned before, and a crystal Onix. Relaying this information, the group plans out their next move…





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