Revani - A Pokemon Tabletop United Campaign


I. Split the Party
  • Still in Guardian’s Roost, Mikhail informs the party about the rumors in town. The one regarding the Growlithe immediately catches Shiloh’s ear, whilst Emile decides to dig further. Another rumor shows up, about multiple occurrences of the Pokemon from the previous rumors, such as the one about Sandshrew where not even a minute after the little guy waved hello, he appeared again to wave hello.

Splitting up, Axton , Otto, and Emile head towards the duplicate Sandshrew rumor, whilst Satoshi Imai, Mikhail, and Shiloh head to the Growlithe.


II. Bark and Bite
  • The trio after the Growlithe make their way to the cave, where they see ashes surrounding a Growlithe, who immediately growls their direction. Shiloh decides to negotiate with the Growlithe, where the trio find out that he has been waiting for his brother to come back since his parents were gone. Their ashes are guarded by the dog, and making sure to keep her away at a distance, he shoots an ember to keep her there.

The group finds out that Team Rocket was here; and that his brother had been taken by the malicious team; though they keep it quiet from the Growlithe. Just as they convince him, a group of Rock Type Pokemon begin to attack the group. While they do manage to take down the rock group without much problems, a few key things happen.

Namely, Sato’s Chespin nearly kills one, and Sato has to echo in the grass Pokemon’s mind through the boy’s aura abilities to make him stop, which visibly shakes the hat-wearing chipmunk. Shiloh is hit in the back by a Rollout from a Geodude, and the Growlithe is sent into near critical condition, almost killing him. The rest fall like fodder to the group’s type advantages, and with grabbing up all the ashes they could, and the Growlithe, they dash back to Guardian’s Roost’s Pokemon Center for immediate medical attention.


III. The Illusionist & the Rolling Stones
  • Emile’s group ends up heading the opposite direction, where they head deeper inside. While Otto converses with his Pokemon, Wilhelm asleep on his back, they head deeper in to find a Sandshrew; the same one from the rumor setting up some rocks in a strange triangular formation, 10 in total. As they watch in wonder at his creation, they watch him essentially act as an expertly thrown bowling ball, making a strike.

After this, Axton speaks with the Sandshrew in order to persuade it to come with her, speaking of needing a sidekick. The hasty little ball of energy speeds around, and agrees to go along with Axton, as Emile asks about ‘another Sandshrew’. In return, the Sandshrew leads them to the ‘other Sandshrew’.

In a very tiny hole in the cave, the group meets a hairy Sandshrew that is actually a Zorua, who tells the group that shows her fear rather easily. The Zorua tells the party of her old master, a Rocket Captain by the name of Andrei. She was taken as an egg from the facility, and there are scars on her to prove it. Thanks to some expert convincing from Virgo, and Emile, the Zorua agrees to come with, though not appearing as herself if possible. With a Pokeball throw, the Zorua is captured by Emile.

Just as there seems to be good news, the party runs into a Crystal Onix, and due to a hilarious set of events regarding Wilhelm screaming at the top of his lungs as he’s being swung around like a sword, the Crystal Onix is immediately shown why rocks are inferior to steel.

The group, victorious, heads back to Guardian’s Roost.


IV. The First Night
  • Thanks to the quick thinking of Mikhail and Shiloh both, they manage to get the Growlithe to the center in time as the group reconvenes with Emile’s group. As he is taken to the center, Shiloh remains near the ER on a couch all night, while the others all head to the inn for rooms to sleep in. The night is long… but somewhere in the morning, the nurse brings out the Growlithe, telling Shiloh she can wait with him in recovery if she so choose. She does, and while he isn’t able to lick, the Growlithe does showcase a groggy awakened state, despite all the scars on him.





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