Revani - A Pokemon Tabletop United Campaign


I. The Day After
  • After the night in the ER, Shiloh is visited by members of the group, after Sato makes food for everyone. As the group enjoys their food, a man comes up to them, and introduces himself as Desmond Steward, and asks if he may have some of the food. Sato obliges, and after a meal, he leaves, thanking Sato kindly. Sato also makes a treat for the Growltihe for when he wakes up, while Mikhail describes his failure to his pupil, and the two share a bonding moment before getting spoken to Emile about the Contest in the Emerald Valley and the Gym Challenge in Guardian’s Roost, saying he has her back if she has his.
II. Big City Trip
  • After that, the party, save Mikhail, head to Grande City to procure a few items. Shiloh and Emile head to get their luggage they still hadn’t gotten from the Growlithe’s caves, and has the ashes put into an adjustable bangle for the fire pup, while Sato heads to the Grande City Pokeball shop, where Chespin, still a tad messed up from the day before from Sato’s Aura abilities, manages to steal a Moon Ball. The two share a moment, where the Chespin attempts to shake off the previous day.

Axton goes to her talent agency to speak with her agent, though is not at all surprised to find James, one of her co-stars, absolutely destroying her agent for attempting to kill off the best character in Sandshrew Slaughterhouse, a call made the day before that ended in the agent shutting the door before Axton had a chance to speak with him.

Meanwhile, Otto and Sato have a conversation regarding Otto’s previous career, with a web of lies behind Otto’s words. Though, through the usage of telling not complete lies, only one or two instances left Otto sweating through the majority, ending up saying he used to work at a game corner in Johto named Larson’s Game Corner. Sato buys it, but Chespin sees through it, and begins to show a general distrust in his master’s acquaintance.

As the party moves back home in the rain, they find the Growlithe back up on his feet, albeit weak. Shiloh explains how she made his parent’s ashes into a bangle, so they can be with him. To this, the Growlithe is mostly fine with it, and takes the bangle, while he decides to join Shiloh, if caught.

As the night comes, Mikhail heads out to grab a Poffin Maker in Grande City’s Poffin Hall, running into Desmond again, who wrongly tells him the Contest style is Cute due to himself being misinformed by someone else. Odd.

The party sleep again at the Guardian’s Roost inn they did before, this time with Shiloh joining them, as the next day comes…

III. Emerald Valley Contest
  • As they wake up, Mikhail once again trains the group’s mons, save for Emile’s Zorua, Freya, who is afraid of Mikhail due to the similarities to the captain who raised him from Team Rocket. As the training is finished, Emile heads off to bond with Freya a bit more, while the rest of the group makes their way to the Emerald Valley, for Shiloh to compete in the contest.

Entering are Ywain, Hariot, and Desmond with their coaches and third representatives, while Shiloh and Mikhail bring Sato as their third. Before the Introduction Section, Sato and Mikhail do their best to make Shiloh’s Torchic, Cali, look as beautiful as possible since the contest is actually a Beauty Contest, not a cute one. While Shiloh comes second behind Hariot, the contest begins, and Cali, in wondrous splendor, blows the others out of the water, especially with his fire fart, which brought tears to the judges eyes.

Well, sorta.

As Shiloh is gifted a Ribbon, Sato comes out with her while Mikhail stays behind in order to receive it, and Desmond gives Shiloh the TM for Volt Switch as she’s awarded the prize money, showing his good sportsmanship, and that he will make sure to give a proper challenge next time.

It was a good day.




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