Guardian's Roost


  • Name: Guardian’s Roost
  • Where: North of Emerald Valley, East of Grande City
  • Description: This giant tree house town is what one calls a tree town. All the people who live here live inside of the roots, making their houses inside the roots themselves. Here, inside the center of the tree is the gym.


Heals & Status Items
  • All Tier 1 Berries: $150 a pop; pg.280 in Core
  • Potion: $200 a potion
  • Super Potion: $380 a potion; 2 left; demand price at $450
  • Antidote: $200 a pop
  • Paralyze Heal: $200 a pop
  • Burn Heal: $200 a pop
  • X Atk, Def, SpA, SpD, or Spe: $350 a pop
  • Pokeballs: $250 a ball
  • Great Balls: $400 a ball
  • Level Balls, $800 a ball
Survival Gear
  • Repel: $200 a repel
  • Sleeping Bags: Singles for $1000, Doubles for $1800
  • Tents: Depends on cubic meters.


  • Pokemon Gym
    Robin’s Pokemon Gym inside the tree house; a stadium where a double battle can take place.
  • Guardian Treetops
    Where the Braviarys nest. It is said that those with pure hearts are gifted with an egg from the strictly male species. It is also said that the those with evil in their hearts and pulled up from the ground, and devoured from the nest above, given only the choice to jump, or be devoured slowly. Though that is only a myth.

Guardian's Roost

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