Revani - A Pokemon Tabletop United Campaign


I. Escaping the Paparazzi
  • As Emile returns to the Emerald Valley after some bonding with Freya, he runs into Date, who points out the giant paparazzi at the front of the contest hall, and tells him about how Shiloh, Mikhail, and Sato obliterated the competition. With the basically engorged front entrance, Otto and Axton leave the hall first, which has the camera crew follow Otto from a case of mistaken coach identity. In this moment, it gives the group time to flee from the Contest Hall, and thanks to a well put Stealth/Guile roll, the group headed to the Guardian’s Roost without alerting much suspicion.
II. The Treehouse Gym
  • Upon returning to Guardian’s Roost, a scientist waiting for the group gives the party an egg; containing inside it a Shinx to be hatched later. Neat. Shiloh takes the egg, growling to make it shake a bit.

Emile chooses Otto to accompany him in the Gym Battle against Robin. Emile chooses Freya, and Otto chooses Wilhelm. The skittish Zorua is unsure if she can do it, to which Emile states she doesn’t have to if she doesn’t want to. Freya decides to go with it, wanting to not disappoint a second master. Wilhelm, being goaded by Otto, allows himself to be played in return for sleep.

The two fight together against Robin’s Tranquill & Pidove (Fight & Flight) and the battle is fierce, with the two birds fighting their hardest to at least take down one of them; the easier target. Thanks to the combined effort of Otto and Emile though, they manage to faint both birds with understandable difficulty. Robin understandably gives Emile the TM for Aerial Ace, and money for the victory, along with the Wing Badge to showcase his, and his teammates skill. She takes her Pokemon to the Pokemon Center, and tells them where the next Contest and Gym are; Akademi Campus and Rockgrove Town respectively.

With last minute adjustments made, the group heads to Grande City.

III. A Fated Detour
  • As the group, save Sato, makes their way to Grande City, they meet a friendly Abra, who is rather mischievous, but is always friendly enough to say hello. He tells the group about his previous owner, Briar, and how he just kind of ‘poofed’ away. After being asked to come along, the Abra says to catch him first, as he’s a bit of a teleport-y twat. After a few attempts, Otto adds the little guy to his party. The Abra tells the party he also messed with a guy with a food cart, by putting in a certain Pokemon in the cart. That can’t be good.

Group also sees a pack of Poochyena, but leave the party alone due to being outnumbered fiercely.

The group are told that the roads to both Laternis City and Akademi Campus are temporarily closed; the former due to possible rock slide cave ins, and the latter due to the terrorist attack on Grande City’s airport days ago. The group are told to head to Pueblos de Los Muertos to obtain a graveyard lot, as is customary in the Revani Region.

To the GM’s frustration, they don’t get lots when they go, but we’ll get to that.

As the group makes their way to the City of the Dead, they notice the graves starting to propagate in number, becoming more frequent and more frequent, they eventually make it to the single building in the so-proclaimed city; a Church. However, there’s no time to even question or head inside, because a man is laying on the ground in the graveyard, bleeding from the nose and muttering words that are indistinct.

The group gets this guy up, as he speaks in only near fluent Spanish at first, though he has no idea where he is right now; nor his own name. All he has on him is his prosthetic arm, and a book. As everyone sees the book, the big things to note that inside is something that peak’s Emile’s curiosity, and Mikhail’s, who understands to some degree the advanced theorems inside the book. The man says the book isn’t his.

Eventually, he remembers his name and introduces himself as Gabriel Hernandez, a hottie with a body as proclaimed by Shiloh. Figuring it better to take this guy to a Pokemon Center, the group doubles back to Grande City, as Ghost Pokemon seem to litter the graveyard as the sun continues to set.

Reaching the Grande City Pokemon Center, the group leaves Gabe there over night, though with so many people setting up work here or there, the group is curious what is happening. A big Festival is happening! WOO! Prizes, cool stands, new Pokemon? And a big tourney tomorrow!

No less interesting, eh? The group heads to sleep in a hotel, though all Mikhail hears through the wall is the mentions of a rat from a familiar voice.

III.5 A Fated Rat
  • Sato, having some errands to run, immediately heads to Grande City for his own reasons earlier, and after some purchases, hits the same hotel the other’s do coincidentally. And he finds a Rattata in his food cart. Chespin, seeing all the food go to waste, tells Sato that they can use him to pay back everything he owes them for ruining all the food in the cart. The Rattata, being Alolan didn’t have much to respond with but a guilty grin, Chespin says if Sato doesn’t, he will.

Sato boops his snoot with a Moon Ball, and gains a Rattata! That can’t go well…

IV. The Festival Begins!
  • The Festival starts in the morning, after yet another training session from Mikhail, with the party heading out immediately to enjoy the festivities. Besides the Smeargle Taco Stand, there are numerous games. Namely, the big one is a hammer trial which requires a Pokemon to test their strength. Emile’s Ralts, Virgo gives it a telekinetic go, but due to the man’s babbling, misses just shy of his mark. Mikhail’s Snivy, Misha gives it a go, and manages to win his trainer a Dratini. With a new prize, the Ralts obliterates the hammer game, and gains his trainer a free egg of his own, containing a Gligar inside.

After some playing around, the group meets the friendliest Smeargle in his Taco Stand, who communicates by signs. Telling them about the tourney, the group is immediately interested in what he says by usage of not only free tacos, but being an all around fun guy.

The party goes to sign up for the Tourney of Stones, along with a few named other important peeps; namely previous Kanto Champion Jack Byers, Ben Wyatt, Date, and his sister Beverly Moreau, and swimsuit model Celeste Velona, as well as Gabe, who mysteriously doesn’t remember the group from the day previous. Though in this moment, Otto’s nose begins to bleed ominously.

With the Tourney approaching… who will come out on top?




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