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Session 4.5

The Tourney of Stone


I. The Tourney starts: the Preliminaries
  • The Tourney begins, with all sixteen qualifiers lined up in a row of 16. Playing a fanfare in the distance, the qualifiers are given their numbers, and who they are to battle.

The first match, Shiloh vs Ben, is a war of attrition within the stadium of Grande City, with both sides using Fire Type Pokemon; Torchic v. Vulpix. It’s clear that neither can fight to their fullest due to the other absorbing their Fire moves. Therefore, Shiloh commands Cali to utilize his other moves. Seeing as there isn’t much way for Ben to defeat Shiloh, the guy forfeits before his Vulpix sustains too much damage. Shiloh wins.

The second match, the Faker Axton vs Axton herself, is a battle between Venipede v. Sandshrew. Axton attempts her best effort with Miles attempting to poison it, but the Sandshrew breaks no sweats, and gives no fucks, as it makes quick use of a Rollout to take Miles down. Faxton wins.

The third match, Gabe vs. Casa, is a very fast match between Solosis v. Shuppet, with Gabe clearly at a type disadvantage. The battle is over in a second, with Casa winning.

The fourth match, Jack Byers vs. Emile, pits Zangoose v. Ralts. In an attempt to get him to forfeit early due to not wanting to hurt Virgo. The former Kanto Champion is un-surprised that he must fight anyways. Despite this, he commands Zan to take down Virgo, but not without a marvelous display from Emile and Virgo. While the match is still over in seconds, it’s almost a double knockout, with Jack winning just barely.

The fifth match, Celeste vs. Sato features a Frogadier v. Chespin. While the swimsuit model is curious of Sato, they battle. Despite type disadvantage, Rospo makes nullifies that with a Camouflage, and causes the Chespin to work even harder for the victory; and with Paralysis, it seems like the little chipmunk is going to fail; but he pulls through with a clutch Synthesis. Sato wins.

The sixth match, Otto vs. Bev, pits Fletchling v. Oshawott. Nix provides himself a Tailwind, attempting to pick up airspeed to take this otter down; and with an Aerial Ace, it almost seems as though he may make it; until Bev commands her Oshawott, Julius, to use Night Slash. With that, Nix loses altitude, and hits the ground. Bev wins.

The seventh match, Mikhail vs. Ned with Snivy v. Bulbasaur, after the crowd witnessed the other type similarity match, is thought to be another slog; but with Misha, that changes. With a toothpick in his mouth, the grass snake utilizes some WWE-level grappling techniques, and through utilizing that, takes the Bulbasaur down enough for Ned to forfeit, to ensure that his grass Pokemon isn’t hurt too hard. Mikhail wins.

The eighth and final preliminary match pits Date vs. Oliver, with Scyther v. Pachirisu. While the crowd thinks the Scyther has this in the bag. While Date still pulls it out in the end, it ends up being as close a match as Jack and Emile’s, with Blade barely able to push to the end due to the squirrel’s massive electrical power. Still, Date barely wins.

II. The Quick Quarter-Finals
  • With the preliminaries finished, betting begins to be allowed since the crowd sees what can be done from these trainers. With 1/2 the group knocked out, can Sato, Mikhail, or Shiloh pull out a win?

The first quarter-finals match is Shiloh vs Faxton, with Torchic v. Sandshrew. Bets are made where they are, and Axton tells her friend to kick this faker’s ass in. With a rollout here or there, the Sandshrew makes Cali’s life hell, but not before conversing with Shiloh regarding his allegiances. He just wants a fair fight; and Shiloh and Cali oblige, promising to leave this fake after the fact. Though the battle is hard, the Sandshrew goes full ham, but Cali manages to pull it out of the bag; or… butt I should say. Afterwards, not only is the fake Axton imprisoned, but the real Axton is given a consolation prize. Shiloh wins.

The second quarter-finals match is Casa vs Jack, with Shuppet v. Zangoose. Much in the same fashion as Casa’s last match, his Shuppet lasts a round before the Zangoose makes a mighty Pursuit, OHKO-ing the enemy. Jack wins.

The third quarter-finals match is Bev vs Sato, featuring Oshawott v. Chespin. With only two moves from the Chespin, Sato makes quick work of the little otter, whose Night Slash only does so much with the cash hat defending the chipmunk. Sato takes the match.

The final quarter-finals match, Mikhail vs Date, featuring Snivy v. Scyther, seems to be a shoe-in for Date’s Scyther. And it sure would have been, if the match didn’t mirror the second match. With a well-placed Aqua Tail, Misha makes quick work of the weakened Scyther, winning the match for Mikhail.

III. The Intense Semi-Finals
  • With the quarter-finals out of the way, stadium changes are readied up in the stadium, with the remaining four now gaining prizes no matter win or lose. With Shiloh, Sato, and Mikhail still in this, who will reach the finals?

The first semi-finals match pits Shiloh vs Jack, with Torchic v. Zangoose. The field is set to mono-Grass with a hilly grasslands with flowers, and the stakes are high. Jack asks Shiloh to forfeit, to the expected response is declined and the match begins. Cali does his best as the cat ferret rushes over the hilly field with a Swords Dance to make it to the Torchic. With a Sand Attack from Cali, it seems that the cat ferret will fail; but as he leaps, Jack commands a Pursuit. Despite it cleanly going through, Cali doesn’t give up, and through the biggest ember fart yet, causes a wildfire on the field, scorching Zan fully. While the smoke clears, Zan rushes out, and makes the final Quick Attack. Despite the defeat, Cali evolves, still passed out mostly in Shiloh’s arms and gains arms, while she takes a strange rock and the third place prize money. Jack wins.

The second semi-finals match pits Sato vs Mikhail, with Chespin v. Snivy. The field shifts to mono-Water; featuring stepping stones on a lake of water. Quickly, Chespin rolls out ontop of the lake, rushing his way over to the other side, and smacking Misha. Misha quickly intends to grapple, and the same typing makes the crowd think that it’s going to end much like Mikhail’s first match; but Chespin eventually breaks out. With a few Vine Whip, Tackle, Rollout, and Aqua Tail shenannigans, the two are locked into combat where the first misstep is Chespin rolling into the Water. The grass hatted chipmunk utilizes his last Synthesis, which barely manages to get Misha down, as Snivy makes one more Aqua Tail, dealing the decisive blow. Sato’s Chespin floats up in the water, fainted. While Sato does lose, he also takes a strange rock and the third place prize money. Mikhail wins.

IV. Before the Final Battle
  • While Emile is out buying headphones for Virgo, and Shiloh is in the stands waiting for the finals, Emile and Shiloh’s eggs both hatch, releasing a cuddly Gligar and a relaxed Shinx respectively. Thanks to the hugs from Emile, loyalty is immediately heightened with the Gligar, as he latches onto the warm human; intending to be worn like a backpack if possible; while the Shinx is quickly held up and hugged by Shiloh, causing the cat to bite down an Ice Fang, albeit weakened, into the girl’s shoulder. It’s freezing, and after she lets her down, the Shinx immediately takes a spot on her lap.
V. Jack v. Mikhail, Zangoose v. Snivy: The Final Bout
  • The final match takes a few minutes to prepare, but eventually rolls a mono-Fire field. To that, Jack asks for him to forfeit and take the second place money now. The field is burning, and the Injured Zangoose immediately rushes with a Fire Punch, missing narrowly, as Misha leaps back, and Aqua Tails right after. The Zangoose looks like he’s taken a fair beating the whole tourney, and attempts another Fire Punch, striking true into the chest of Misha. Misha refuses to go down, but the heated moment is not helped by the arena. With one choice, Misha tackles forward, a tackle right into the head of the opponent. It seems Zan is still standing.

The Zangoose makes one more attempt at a Fire Punch, but the damage has been done. As his fist is conjured in flame, and thrusts it forward, it stops dead of Misha’s face, and it seems the cat ferret passed out standing up. With that, the crowd is silent, as the fire dissipates from the Zangoose’s fist, causing Misha to fall backwards. The fear Misha goes through helps him realize he needs to grow stronger, causing him to envelope in a white light, becoming a Servine in the process. Despite losing his hands, the snake wins Mikhail the tourney.

Mikhail doesn’t go up to claim the prize himself, but has one of the other’s do it; Chespin does so. Taking the first place prize money, and a random stone, a Shiny Stone, the Chespin leaves, while Jack gets an Electrizer for himself, as well as the second place prize money. He tells Mikhail of a tourney in two weeks at Laternis City, and says to not only be there himself, and tells him to bring his friends, especially Shiloh and Emile so he can see how far they’ll grow.

With that, the Chespin cheats Mikhail a finder’s fee, though only gives him $3.5k of his needed $1.5k. The chipmunk is apparently respected by Mikhail, and that makes the chipmunk feels… weirdly intrigued, seeing it not wrong to be a tad assertive.

With that, the Tourney of Stone ends, and with that, all that is left is enjoying the rest of the Festival…




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