Emerald Valley


  • Name: Emerald Valley
  • Where: Between Firlight Town & Guardian’s Roost
  • Description: The emerald valley; where it’s the greenest town you’ll see! Being the location of the Pokemon Researcher Lab, and the first Contest, this is the normal location for new trainers and coordinators alike, and it is required to head to the lab for proper registration in the Gym Challenge and Contests.


Healing & Status Items
  • Potion: $200 a potion
  • Pokeballs: $250 a ball
  • Great Balls: $400 a ball
  • Net Balls, $800 a ball
Survival Gear
  • Sleeping Bags: Singles for $1000, Doubles for $1800
  • Tents: Depends on cubic meters.


  • Pokemon Research Lab
    This facility is tiny in size, with a few rooms; but being a lab, there’s a stock of starter Pokemon in the back; with a few extra rooms for Trainers to get a feel for a starter, and coaches to get a feel for their coordinators.
  • Contest Hall
    This is the smallest contest hall in Revani, rivaled by none in its tiny size. It’s max coordinator size is 4; no bigger. They give victors the Emerald Ribbon.

Emerald Valley

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