Grande City


  • Name: Grande City
  • Where: West of Guardian’s Roost, East of Akademi Campus.
  • Description: The capital of the Revani Region, and the biggest city in the entirety of the region. In its massive size, it has everything you could ask for; shops, a stadium, the Grand Contest Hall, The Gogoats On-The-Go Service, and the Revani Game Corner!


Heals & Status Items
  • All Tier 1 Berries: $150 a pop; pg.280 in Core
  • All Tier 2 Berries: $250 a pop, pg 280 in Core
  • Potion: $200 a potion
  • Potion Bundle: $500 for 3.
  • Super Potion: $380 a potion
  • Antidote: $200 a pop
  • Paralyze Heal: $200 a pop
  • Burn Heal: $200 a pop
  • Ice Heal: $200 a pop
  • X Atk, Def, SpA, SpD, or Spe: $350 a pop
  • Bandages: $300 a band-aid
  • Bandage Bundle: $1200 for 5
  • Pokeballs: $250 a ball
  • Great Balls: $400 a ball
  • Special Order Balls: $1000 a ball, plus apricorn to create
Crafter Tools
  • Cooking Set: $1000
  • Poffin Mixer: $500
TMs (refreshed every three days in-game)
  • TM 59 Incinerate: $1400
  • TM 45 Attract: $1200
    +1 Stock for every Gym Badge party has (Current: 1)
Evolution Items (refreshed every three days in-game)
  • Magmarizer: $3000
  • Water Stone: $3000
  • Fire Stone: $3000
    +1 Stock for every Ribbon party has (Current: 2)
Survival Gear
  • Repel: $200
  • Collection Jar: $100
  • First Aid Kit: $500
  • Fishing Lure: $1500
  • Saddle: $2000
  • Rope: p.274 Core, price varies
  • Sleeping Bag: $1000 for single, $1800 for double
  • Tents: p.274 Core, price varies
  • Lighter: $150 for regular, $1000 for waterproof
  • Flashlight: $200 for regular, $400 for waterproof
  • Water Filter: $500
Vending Machine
  • Enriched Water: $75 a pop; pg.279, cannot be used in battle.


Competition Areas
  • Grand Contest Hall
    The biggest Contest Hall, and where the Grand Contest is held for all Coordinators who have attained 5 Ribbons; the final frontier for Coordinators, and the final test of championship.
  • Tourney Stadium
    A stadium that mimics the Pokemon League’s tournament location. While the battlefields are minimalist, the type choice for Stadiums Types are: Mono-Fire, Mono-Water, Mono-Grass; usually reserved for the final matches in tourneys. There are a total of 2 in Grande City every year; one during the yearly Festival, and the second during the Winter Solstice. Victors during the Festival usually get Evolution Items. Victors during the Winter Solstice tourney get an egg of any Pokemon they wish.
  • Shopping Mall
    A mall near the center of the city. It has EVERYTHING you may need. Clothes, a Hair Salon, Restaurants, a TM Shop, and a Pokespa.
  • Poffin Hall
    A location that looks almost uncannily similar to a laundromat, but for Poffins. Open door too; and Poffin Makers can be bought here, or made directly here. A must for coordinators.
  • Game Corner
    Your typical game corner! Illegal gambling aside, this is pretty innocent considering Kanto’s Game Corner!
  • GoGoat’s On-The-Go Taxi Service
    You need a ride? The city can be pretty big, but hey! With a Gogoat, you can go anywhere in the city in minutes, or your money back! $5 a minute; max of $50.
  • Grande Airport
    The Airport. Skarmory logo.
  • Radio Tower & TV Station
    A studio built with both a radio tower, and a TV Station. The radio channels are typically talk-shows, or music stations, while the TV Station makes TV Shows, and also makes movies..
  • Talent Agency
    For actors and actresses, budding or experienced. You can find an agent to put you in movies or shows. Mostly filled with assholes.

Grande City

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