Pueblos de Los Muertos


  • Name: Pueblo de Los Muertos (City of the Dead)
  • Where: Northeast of Grande City
  • Description: This town, if you can even call it that, is a large graveyard, with a church set in the middle of the land. Any trainer or coordinator who comes here is given a lot for their Pokemon;. as death is unavoidable for all.


  • Church of Arceus
    The Church in the center does free funerals, and makes tombstones, as well as meets Sundays for normal prayer time. They follow Arceus as the Creator of All, and put their utmost faith in him. They also give free grave lots for trainers and coordinators.
  • The Graveyard
    Graves far as the eye can see is here on this stretch of land, as many Pokemon are buried here. It is said, as a myth, that all those buried are seen to walk around at night, thought in truth it seems it is just Ghost Pokemon. Though you never know.

Pueblos de Los Muertos

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